2. picturesprovedithappened:

    P7240212 on Flickr.

    Tommy survives the storm

  3. mrlapadite:

    Seven reasons why coffee is good for you-via Swide

    Now, can someone please write one entitled,
    "Seven Reasons Why Beer is Good For You"?

  4. earlybirds-breakfast:

    #blackcatbicycles のトッドのところにきました。念願のっ!! #店主のアメリカ旅行記

    And this dude, too.
    Mr Ingermanson of BlackCat Bicycles (and the aforementioned Mr Hunter of Hunter Cycles) make some of the finest steel bikes in Los Estados Unidos. Two totally different styles.
    There must be something in the water in Santa Cruz that fuels creativity…
    Or maybe, it’s in the air.

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  5. earlybirds-breakfast:

    これはこうで、あれはこうでって説明してくれました。 #huntetcycles #店主のアメリカ旅行記 #rickistall

    That dude is a legend.

  7. Yes, that is a crack.
    Just say no.

  8. I love good doughnuts.
    Two of the best things from the USA:
    Doughnuts and Mountain Bikes

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  9. kyutai-paint:

    The man. #chrisking @chriskingbuzz (Portland Oregon, USA)

    Pretty unassuming chap, eh?
    The man is a genius in my opinion.

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  10. oedwotd:

    Word of the day from

    Pretty certain that riding a bike for a few hours in the bush puts me in an equivalent state.