1. pascalshirley:

    Lee Scratch Perry the legend

  2. I adore the concept of The Dairy which embodies the spirit of the Statue of Liberty.
    Yes, it is culturally incongruous, but so am I.
    New Zealand is the Land of the Free.
    I feel compelled and entitled to say this.

  3. Quality stuff here, folks. No bullshit.

  4. umpoucodebrasil:

    Morena - Tom Zé

    Good morning, Friday.
    Here’s the musical start to the weekend.

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  5. thestarmichael:

    Umm yes

    Bungees and hose clamps will solve all of Man’s problems.

  6. Today would have been a good one for teleportation to Wellington.

  7. onlyoldphotography:

    Brett Weston: White Sands, New Mexico, 1947

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  8. f9dtkfm:

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    Is Thomson taking a bold step toward component and frame manufacture?

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  9. aces5050:

    DSC_0054 (by skydecomp.fr)

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  10. dario78:

    Wizards only, fools.

  11. bikefukr:

    Steeds by cycledefrance on Flickr.

    I’m so glad that you didn’t refer to it as a whip, which I find unamusing.

  12. loverofbeauty:

    Stephen Shore, Presidio, Texas, February 21, 1975.

    Spent several very cold nights sleeping in a VW van while parked at a gas station awaiting for the border to open into Mexico. That’s a dusty little town.

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  13. destroyed-and-abandoned:

    Paper Pusher Ruins

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    Paper Pusher Palace produces pay checks.

  14. Nostalgia:
    More Bikes Than Cars

    Almost got creamed yesterday. Put me in a time machine please.

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  15. visualobscurity:

    Salvador Dali painting La Cara de la Guerra (The Visage of War) in 1940.

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