1. bromar:

    a bicycle is the acoustic version of a motorcycle 

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  2. Friday Night Lights:
    Simon’s new randonneur bike undergoing the star treatment.

  3. kyutai-paint:

    I got new #atb #woodrat by @condorcazador !!! So sick! We @simworks will have stocks soon in japan… Wait for more details. If you are People in US ask #huntercycles

  4. mpdrolet:

    Les Chambers, shift worker, Christchurch Gasworks, 1981

    Glenn Busch

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  5. superseventies:

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono in New York City, 1972.

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  6. oktocycles:

    Go home buddy. #oktocycles #framebuilding

  7. gayorion:

    Bill Murray, Carie Fisher on SNL, Nov. 18, 1978

    Are they not both beautiful—for entirely different reasons?

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  8. mooiefietsennicebikes:

    To muts to ride

    Life is very easy for many of us who ride bicycles for pleasure.

  9. mpdrolet:

    Osorno, Chili, 1977

    Marcelo Montecino

  10. habermannandsons:

    Burt Munro - the World’s fasted Indian

    Kiwi icon

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  11. El Che

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  12. It’s guh-Raaazh Praa-jekt.
    I was born in Georgia, which is known as The Peach State. However, I am the furthest thing from angry at the moment.

  13. This was my friend Paolo. I built that bike for him, as well as many others. He was an inspiration to me for his intelligence, kindness, emotional sensitivity, and his keen business acumen which combined a strong moral and ethical code.
    And the guy could ride a fucking bicycle.
    He had the Forza like few others.
    Sadly, like a few of my loved ones, he chose the ultimately permanent solution to a very temporary problem, and will be forever missed.
    If you live in the US and have a minute and some money to spare, visit the AFSP website and donate.


    And everyone remember:
    Look after your fellow man/woman
    And LOVE.

    Ciao Paolo!

  14. velo-c:

    1985 Pinarello Pursuit

    Would I be the only one feeling sympathetic pain to the pudendum when I gaze at this photo?

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  15. fuckyeahgbv:

    Guided By Voices - A Year That Could Have Been Worse (from Males of Wormwood Mars, 2014)

    This year could’ve been worse and, therefore I dedicate this song by the venerable heroes of American LoFi - Guided By Voices. Used to jam one of their many recordings into the tape deck of my car, turn the volume up to Eleventeen, and go, like 35mph in a 55mph zone. It was great.