2. Switchblades!

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  3. rrrick:

    Smoking kills

    This works well on two fronts.
    The first as a call to ban smoking.
    The second for gun control.

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  4. timbertrailsandnomadtales:

    Won a basket from the festival with two months of free banjo lessons and a bangin’ woman’s necklace!

    I have two old 4-string banjos that I’ve been fumbling with.. maybe I can borrow a 5-string one?

    How about the tenor banjo, or some others with four strings?
    Or add 17 more and get to the root of it all—the core of the Blues—the kora!
    Play, man, play!


  5. Anonymous said: Can you post wonderwall



    Thank you for sparing us.

  6. super-fred:

    Le Peloton de Paris!

    After the discussion yesterday in the media about the 1.5m passing rule, I was reminded of living in Paris, where motorists and cyclists peacefully coexist. Never had an issue there despite the population density, narrow roads and lack of fluorescent clothing.
    It’s cultural, stupid.

  7. colortransparency:

    The Van at Puertocitos

    Rex & Lois’ VW Van
    Puertocitos, Baja California
    Summer 1971

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  8. The first time I travelled outside of the US was to Egypt in 1995 where I noticed how very different the light is. Things look different in other latitudes. The intensity of the sun changes the hues and shades, and, in some cases, puts a harsh glare on the landscape. Egypt is not that different to West Texas in some ways.
    My next trip was to Germany, where the intensity of the sun is less, which lends itself to more saturated colours. The experience there was quite memorable.
    New Zealand is the ne plus ultra of colours. I’ve been here almost eight years, and am still struck to the very core by the sublime beauty of clear skies and water, a million shades of green and blue, and the inescapable influence of Mother Nature.
    I love it.
    (That is a huge understatement.)

  9. Not complaining about the durability of the Dura Ace 7850 wheels—they’re five years old and have gone very well…
    Until today.
    This is why 32 spokes are better than 24.

    Hobbled from Breaker Bay to Wellington Central and took the train to Petone, where my trusty steed with more spokes was waiting at the workshop.

    The last 15kms were a gentle reminder of the old saying,

    "Light, cheap, durable—pick two."

  10. Jumbly wumbly cables and shadows.

  11. Always follow the straight and narrow.

  12. Wellington, my dear, you’ve been kind this week.

  13. hulsroygundersencycleworks:

    Headbadge test. 

    A real head badge! Well done.

  14. aces5050:

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    Why does this SS bike have a chainkeeper?

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  15. Product of The Kalakuta Republic.

    Man, when the horns light up after the intro, it’s like the whole world stood up at once and danced.
    Or, so they should.

    There was only one Fela Kuti.